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West Coast Trail Home Screen
West Coast Trail Digital Map

Digital Map

West Coast Trail uses a simplified version of the official Parks Canada Map and adds layers with interactive-icons so the most important details are at your fingertips.

Locations, rung count, and direction.
Restricted beach sections highlighted on the map.
Immerse yourself in history along the West Coast Trail.
Water Sources
Know which sources are safe to drink and the ones to avoid.
Points of Interest
Donkey Engines, Graders, Sea Caves and more.
Bridges & Cable Cars
Where and how to safely cross dangerous rivers.


No more fumbling with old-school paper tide charts and trying to adjust for Daylight Saving Time.

West Coast Trail uses Government of Canada tide data to show you the most accurate predictions on when restricted beach sections are passable.
Tides predictions are automatically adjusted for your travel date and shown with one-minute precision.
West Coast Trail Tides
West Coast Trail Ladders


Like climbing ladders?
Did you know that the West Coast Trail has more than 100 ladders to climb and well over 2600 individual rungs to step up or down?
Wondering what your day will look like and how many Ladders you need to climb? If the beach will be easier than the inland route?

West Coast Trail has you covered.

Camp Maps

Get the scoop on each campsite along the West Coast Trail with detailed satellite maps. Images show the best places to pitch your tent and the locations of amenities.

Includes the following camps:
Thrasher Cove, Camper Bay, Cullite Cove, Walbran Creek, Bonilla Point, Carmanah Creek, Cribs Creek, Nitinaht Narrows, Tsusiat Falls, Klanawa River, Tsocowis Creek, Darling River, and Michigan Creek.

West Coast Trail Camp Maps
West Coast Trail GPS Location

GPS Location

GPS location shows your exact point overlaid on the Parks Canada map together with your approximate KM-marker location along the West Coast Trail .

Trail Weather

Don't get caught in a storm. The West Coast Trail spans a whopping 75 kilometres (47 miles) of complex coastal terrain with many unique microclimates.
Trail Weather uses precision weather forecasts at precise GPS locations all along the West Coast Trail, including every campsite and other main locations.
West Coast Trail uses weather prediction models known to be the most accurate for the region, including those from NOAA and ECMWF.

West Coast Trail Weather
West Coast Trail Conditions

Trail Conditions

Know what to expect on the trail during your hike.
The West Coast Trail is monitored for hazardous conditions like river flooding, broken cable cars, fire bans, wasp nests, unbrushed sections and more.
West Coast Trail brings you the most up-to-date curated list of trail conditions during the hiking season.
Hikers can also share their own Trail Reports to warn fellow hikers of concerns found along the West Coast Trail .

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